Sanatorium Mayak in Anapa resort|| Treatmentand recreation on Russian SouthSanatorium "Mayak" is an owner of sole therapeutic chamber HALOTHERAPY.The name itself comes from Greek word "halos" that means salt and implies creation of artificial microclimate of salt underground pits.



  1. Heavy long durable respiratory organs diseases and those pulmonary ones fading or in flabby acute condition:
    - severe bronchitis (over 2 weeks);
    - bronchitis recidivus;
    - chronic non-obstructive and obstructive bronchitis;
    - bronchial asthma with deviant clinic-pathogenetic conditions;
    - ectatic bronchitis;
    - mucoviscidosis.
  2. Laryngeal, otic and nasal diseases:
    - Vasculomotor and allergic Rhinosinusoidal deviations;
    - chronic Rhinosinusoids;
    - chronic pharyngitis;
    - chronic and acute tubo-otitis.
  3. Skin pathology:
    - athopic dermatosis, diffuse and exudative form in stabilization phase;
    - psoriasis in stabilization phase;
    - eczema;
    - hypersecretion of sebaceous glands (sebaceous seborrhea);
    - pussy affections of the skin, pimply spots.
  4. To prevent chronic lung diseases are proscribed to patients suffering:
    - repeated acute respiratory maladies;
    - chronic diseases of upper breathing system;
    - pollinosis;
    - coughing affected by industrial pollutants and smoking;

A chloride-natrium salt is used in medication. Salt coating in Halochamber is not reconstructing only the image of salt cave but actually produces a hypoallergic and germexterminating effect. Choked light, interior and music psychotherapy in addition makes it relax and favourable over the nervous system of the human.

Other treatment methods
  • Inhalations with herbal potion, mineral water, medicating, immunopotentiators, healing volatile oils.
  • MASSAGE classic, acupressure, segmentary, drainage, with elements of manual therapy.
  • Thermotherapy in sanatorium MayakHealing bathsHealing baths with sea salts, phytosalts, medicinal preparations.
  • Under water massage shower for locomotorium, central and peripheral nervous system, pathologic climax, pathometabolism.
  • Oeceioa?aieyAppliance therapy converts different electric currents suit medical use, enables therapeutic features of magnetism, performs ultrasound therapy.
  • Fangotherapy (Mud-baths) from local healing sulphide silt mud deposits through galvanization method and mud packs.
  • Mineral mud cure in Sanatorium MayakMineral waters "Anapskaya" and "Semigorskaya" recommended for treatment of gastric and intestinal tract disturbances, troubles of bilious and urine tubes, gynecological ailments (spraying, tubs)..
  • Climototherapy helium-, thalasso-, psammotherapy, splendid territpur, preserved park zone and sea neighboring yield good results in curing all diseases.

Wine therapy

Medics providing see hours:

Gym space and hall for medical physical culture available, experienced guidance specialists will schedule particular yours program of workouts.

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